About Geit.de

Several years ago Geit.de was created to provide my software with additional information and support on the internet. Rockford

Later new Amiga compatible systems came and effected my daily computer usage. This also had an effect on Geit.de and the stuff I provided. In the beginning I used Amithlon on a Pentium3 with AmigaOS 3.9, while today I am using the Pegasos2 G4 1Ghz with MorphOS.

The Pegasos system was also used as fallback webserver, when Geit.de was offline for some reason.

ghost Over the years Geit.de got tweaked and enlarged. I introduced the hardware section where I present my computer systems. Especially the home made hardware stuff was always loved by the Geit.de visitors. At least that is what I got from the access logs and the feedback.

With the first total makeover in history of Geit.de in summer 2010 the foundation for a more flexible way of managing the site was set up. Even if the compatibly to older non css browsers was dropped, I hope this will not effect the frequently usage if this page.

Let us hope the next years will bring even more action and fun into our quite old hobby. exit