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Wear a mask and save lives!

Posted by Geit on July 10th 2020 - 12:04


It's so easy to wear a mask!

The serious changes in society are not easy for MorphOS and our small community either.

Events get canceled or can only be carried out with a very small number of participants, under strict conditions and at high costs.

Of course, this does not only apply to the Geit@Home meetings, which I have and had to cancel for an indefinite period of time. To wear a mask in public places is a small burden that everyone can and should contribute to the current situation, so that we can continue to act normally with one another and at our meetings in the future, being able to pursue our hobbies. The situation is far from over and that should not be forgotten despite the recent easing.

Hopefully we will all meet healthy in 2021 and have all the more to discuss. ghost

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