Hardware Meeting in 2002 - Location: Besenbinder@Home

These pictures were found on Timo "Tiger" Schoo's computer during the last hardware meeting. The Amclust made this meeting in mid 2002.

Seems they were made and hosted by the Amiga-News.de team in the past. If there is a problem with hosting the pictures here, then let me know! Exit


Click on the images for high resolution pictures.

This is Timo "Besenbinders" Hegemann's home. In the basement we had a real good time.
Geit in action!
The good old AmithlonTV!
Petra Strucks daughter is playing games.
Michael "DasMCP" Göken simulates concentration.
Axel Knabe shows the Pegasos 1 board for the first time.
I know what Klaus "Fanne" von der Haar is thinking: "You didn't make a photo, didn't you?"
SCSI/UW to IDE interfaces sold (and currently selled) by Axel Knabe Büro und Informationsservice.
Geit's A2000 (68030-25Mhz) and his Amithlon System (P3 800Mhz). It was 14:58 o'clock as you can see on the A2000 track display.
Michael "DasMCP" Göken prepares to fire up my floppy cable collection. It will be a success! Black smoke and toasted cables, but no other hardware damage to his G-Rex, Voodoo or A4000T
A closer look onto the mess.
More computer and software demonstrations.
More systems from the museum.
Never miss a CDTV.
Hardware, Hardware, Hardware!
It's all here!
CD32 - Yeah!
C64 one of the best systems ever!
Timo "Besenbinder" Hegemann (sitting in the back)
Ingo "AnalogKid" Schmitz and Ingo "Skyrider" Hoppe
Ok, that's not my Laptop and I have fun! Can't remember.
Timo "Besenbinder" Hegemann showing stuff on his system.
A big table with loads of hardware.
Thanks back to you Petra for the images.