Baud Meeting 21.07.2007 - 22.07.2007 in Bielefeld

After a long time the Baud hosted another hardware meeting and so some people from Amclust and Amiga Club Osnabrück join the meeting.

As expected we had a lot of fun! Exit


Click on the following images for high resolution pictures.

Dark-Uwe Kettner's Amiga
and his C64 Systems.
A upgraded A1000
and again the A1000
Carsten "Pegasos-Sigi" Siegner and his Videorecorder-Pegasos
Again Dark-Uwe Kettners computer systems
All gone for lunch.
More classic hardware.
More old treasures.
The A1000 and his features caused discussions.
Alex and Axel avoid looking into the camera.
What type is this card?
Yes, it's a huge flicker fixer.
Axel "AKnabe" Knabe and Guido "Geit" Mersmanns Efika systemes.
Again the A4000 with flicker fixer and on the left a PowerBook.
I could not resist and took another photo!
The SX64 is great!
Of course the C64 is, too.
Even the A500 cannot beat the C64.
Even the CD32 is not able to beat the C64.
This is just a joystick.
Really it's just a joystick.
A closed A4000.
This is a Competition Joystick. Left part contains the buttons and the right the direction controls.
Axel wasn't able to hide.
Yammy! Beer and other stuff was available at the bar.
This is the entrance.
"I hope its just SPrite-Zero!"
CD32 in Action.
The two player Settlers marathon.
Pinball Fantasies! Yeah!