BoulderDäsh V5.25 for AmigaOS and compatible

BoulderDäsh is a convertation of the original BoulderDash from the good old C64.

BoulderDäsh in game scene

You may say why another BoulderDash clone? You are right, there are a lot of clones, but they are all not as good as the original, if you look at the graphic or the feeling of playing it. Even converts at PC are not very good. Also on fast PCs the animation speed of the objects is lowered, if there is scrolling. Stone

My version was tested by different independent persons and all said the same: This BoulderDäsh is the best. I will not praise myself here, but test it yourself, built your own opinion and please tell me what you think about Boulderdäsh. exit


  • 1:1 Clone of the Original!
  • Multitasking available!
  • Online help!
  • Local support.
  • Programmed in Commodore Styleguide.
  • Softscrolling and full speed also under a MC68000. (no jerking with the animation's or the scrolling)
  • Graphic board compatible via picasso96 or cybergraphics. Allows up to 256 colors.
  • Sound board compatible via AHI.
  • Force-Feedback Support.
  • more than 10000 (!!) caves included!
  • 36 different graphic sets.
  • 6 different character sets.
  • 5 different sample sets.
  • 6 ingame tunes.
  • All adjustments are possible per Gadtools-GUI.
  • Enlarged by more game elements (FALSE stones, FALSE Metal,..) So new interesting possibilities within the levels are possible.
  • The size of the levels is free (Under OCS/ECS/AGA it depends on ChipMem).
  • The highscorelist is automaticaly handled for each game.
  • Comfortable Level Editor.
  • Different gravitation directions.
  • Game Editor for creating complete games.
  • With the help of a paint program an own graphics can be created.
  • With the help of a sampler own sounds can be created.
  • Create your own ingame music by using Protracker.


Boulderdäsh running on MorphOS. First Picture shows a classic 64 graphic set and second picture show a 256 color graphic set. Diamond

BoulderDäsh in game scene with classic C64 graphics BoulderDäsh in game scene with enhanced 256 color graphics

The left screen shot shows an Amiga enhanced space graphic set. The funky LCD graphic set on the right was made by Joona Palaste. ( Thanks again for the stuff, I hope you're still around!)

BoulderDäsh in game scene with space design graphics and animated stars BoulderDäsh in game scene with LCD style graphics

Finally a demonstration how complex the BoulderDäsh GUI is:

BoulderDäsh gadget user interface with many windows opened


Filename Version Size System Description More
BoulderFull.lha V5.25 4.6 MB AmigaOS 68K Full Archive (contains all following archives) readme
BoulderDaesh.lha V5.25 926 KB AmigaOS 68K Base Archive (contains minimum installation) readme
BoulderSound.lha V5.25 184 KB Additional Sample Sets readme
BoulderGraph.lha V5.25 196 KB Additional Graphic Sets readme
BoulderGames.lha V5.25 2.9 MB Additional Games readme
BoulderCaves.lha V5.25 472 KB Additional Caves readme