Hardware Meeting 6.06.2014 - 9.6.2014 Location: Geit@Home

The last Geit@Home in 2014. Here are the offical results! Exit

A little smaller event this time, but with loads of action instead.

The refrigerator spitted milk on the floor when opening, without milk being visible on the inside.

Afterwards the first thunderstorm arrived and a power failure in the main building disconnected us from the internet.

At that time we did not know it was a broken lamp that would flip the fuse several times and randomly during the entire weekend.

Two additional thunderstorms hit us. One right though the bath room window causing a flooding in the entire entrance area.

The super cell above germany did not stop at night and hit while Kronos visited toilet and another power failure hit both buildings.

On Monday, during cleaning the area, another storm approached and over 20 minutes lightnings were lighting up the sky in intervals of less than a second.