Hardware Meeting 16.02.2007 - 18.02.2007 Location: Geit@Home

Yes, another hardware meeting! Amclust and Amiga Club Osnabrück are celebrating the first AmigaMeeting in 2007.

We expect many visitors and the list of people staying all three days is longer than ever. We expect around 10 Pegasos and several (!!) Efikas, which are not only running Linux. Some will be shown with MorphOS 1.5 running!

Also we will demonstrated the IRCom drivers and of course fun, talk and pizza are the most important issues we're dealing with!

This year we'll use for the first time the new meeting table. The table provides a work space for 6 people and below there is enough storage to keep 18 Systems.

First some videos made by Carsten "pegasos-sigi" Siegner. The 24 hours in 2 minutes video was created by Jochen "Roschmyr" Rhein's and the international composer Herbert 'HAK' Klackl from austria who converted the pictures into a movie. Thanks to all for your support. Exit


Here are the available videos:

The parking slots are all occupied by visitors of the meeting. (4.7 MB)
Stairway to paradise: Pegasosland! (2.8 MB)
Breakfast! (1.8 MB)
24 hours in 2 minutes! (18 MB)
Efika in Efikase! Technical information. (6.7 MB)
Efika in Efikase now opened! Technical information. (2 MB)
Axel Knabe's Demo Efika. (1 MB)
Efika in Efikase close up and again technical information. (1.8 MB)
Efika playing a music video. (MorphOS with MPlayer) (2.5 MB)


Click on the following images for high resolution pictures.

The basement is prepared and Geit is prepared, too
Axel Knabe needs a hair dryer to start his power supply.
Still no power.
Willie Bosch is watching the situation.
The Efika research lab.
A closer look.
Will CDRom and hard drive work on Efika? No, it won't!
Analogkid is only interested in snacks and keyboard hacking.
Willie Bosch (in front) and Roschmyr (background) at work.
Timo "Tiger" Schoo (right) and a surprised looking Axel Knabe.
A closer look onto Analogkids snacks.
This is the prove! Analogkid refills his resources.
And that's what is left.
Men at work!
No, we don't kiss you!
Sven "Insane" Scheele
Hans-Jörg "otti" Ottinger
Ingo "AnalogKid" Schmitz
Timo "Besenbinder" Hegemann looks sleepy.
Ingo "Skyrider" Hoppe (back) tunes his G3 Peg1 card to replace his destroyed Peg2 G4 card. Kai "GMKai" Stegemann arrived
Will the stuff work? It will!
Otti and Alex and their install session on the breakfast table.
Axel "AKnabe" Knabe and Jochen "Roschmyr" Rhein talking about Efika.
Hah, guests from all over the world.
And now the other side of the world.
The two Efikas with MorphOS were surrounded all the time.
But there was many other hard and software worth to look at.
Computer salad!
Jochen "roschmyr" Rhein in front of his Pegasos table drawer and Otti in the background.
Again the dynamic duo working.
The Efika triggered many questions, we tried to answer them all.
The centre of the table is where all wires come together.
This A600 was the only classic amiga. It also was upgraded like hell: USB, ethernet and internal card reader.
The Efika running MorphOS with WookieChat and playing a music video. Unfortunately we had no audio driver, so no audio output with Efika. So only running pictures. AND: No external Power supply!
Axel Knabe in front of his Efika, which was connected to a flat screen with a 1600 pixel resolution which make the Efika look even more impressive. The boxes in the background are filled with cookies. Mjam!
Yes, this tiny piece of technologie is an Efika.
Thanks for beeing with us!
Seems some interesting pictures are on that camera! The question is why these pictures are missing in my collection!
What are Ludger Wilde and Peter Koszarek from Bits and Tunes Internet Radio looking at?
I know! That was funny!
This windows was installed 20 minutes before we made this photo!
Peter surrounded by hardware: Smile!
Even more Pizza!
Pizza everywhere!
But we will win the war against this enemy!
Otti hides behind Roschmyr.
He wasn't successful.