Hardware Meeting 17.08.2007 - 19.08.2007 Location: Geit@Home

Yes, another hardware meeting! Amclust and Amiga Club Osnabrück were celebrating another hardware meeting in 2007.

We expected less people on the party than ever before, but due more external guests the place was constantly filled during the whole weekend. Exit

Click on the following images for high resolution pictures. Thanks to Jochen "Roschmyr" Rhein and Axel "Man without Shwadow" Knabe for the additional images. Exit

Click on the following images for high resolution pictures.


Everything is prepared!
Well, some things still need to be done! We need more chairs and some powerlines.
A few hours later Jochen "Roschmyr" Rhein carried his drawer in.
Early on Friday Stefan "Kronos" Kleinheinrich was the first and only guest.
This is the fabulous "Full Metal Jacket" case for his Efika. It not only looks heavy, it its heavy.
The drawer normally resides in Roschmyrs work desk at home, where he has two Pegasos in drawer systems.
This is his original Genesi Efika case.
Again standing up and high.
This does not look like hard work!
No, it definitely no work.
Axel arrived! And Roschmyr is moving on this knees towards the long awaited coffee machine.
Damn, the package is unopenable.
Willie Bosch from the Nederlands arrived with his Pegasos system.
The blue troll Timo "Tiger" Schoo is avoiding the camera.
First discussions
It's hard to get Axel on camera without making him pose.
This is the blue trolls Pegasos.
Hah, got ya!
Jörg "Der letzte Amiganer" Dittmar arrived and brought in the cookies Axel was waiting for
Jörg "Der letzte Amiganer" Dittmar and his portable Pegasos
Again the bad blue troll.
Axel Knabe is going for the cookies.
Just finished with eating a few cookies his systems are surrounded.
(look above)
Well, this didn't look finished.
The case part removed from Kronos' Pegasos looks like a show room for my old A1200er.
and again.
Axel optimized cookie accessing times to maximum.
Small Breakfast. Well, in total we consumed around 40 bread rolls.
Roschmyr always next to the coffee.
or with a good view onto the coffee.
Without this hardware there won't be phone
and internet
One of the rare moments were the coffee machine was unprotected.
Axel looks again into the camera. In the back Alex is setting up his !200 with CF drive.
Timo Schoo, Jörg Dittmar and Stefan Kleinheinrich (in front)
The television set is avoiding any positive connection.
Axel as always the last person starting with breakfast.
What game are Alex and Timo playing?
Yeah, boys and cars. Alex needed a joystick repair and Timo continues training.
If Roschmyr isn't with the coffee he is smoking outside!
Still outside.
Alex still in the pits.
The blue troll sabotages my camera job.
An Efika gets his new case and a new graphic board.
Ingo "Skyrider" Hoppe arrived.
New and interesting stuff where ever you look.
This is the cable mess below the big table. On the left top you can see the lamp.
Setting up the food resources first.
Stefan "Kronos" Kleinheinrichs Pegasos.
Axels Efika in action.
Search picture! We lost Ingo Hoppe in here! Can you find him?
Ingo "analogkid" Schmitz is here, too.
The first search picture was to hard? Well, again search for the Ingo
Ingo Schmitz simulated work
Ingo Hoppe still fights with the setup.
A total view into the room.
The blue troll blocks the view (again)
More boxes with food.
Analogkid fights with Efika connection.
Just finished eating Pizza and Gyros.
As always techno babble even without hardware near by
even if the stomach hurts due overloading.
What the hell is Axel searching in the sewing drawer?
Breakfast on Sonntag. Dark-Uwe Kettner just arrived.
Total destruction!
In the back you can see the Dark-Uwes A2000 and om the right Tom "Amiga Harry" Duin from Nederlands is setting up his system.
Amiga-Harry uses the same case as Kronos, just a yellow front.
Stefan "Polluks" Haubenthal joined us too.
Tom "Amiga Harry" Duin is fighting with the network, while Axel take a indeep look onto the A2000.
Dark-Uwe views the inside of his A2000.
Even the old machine was quite well visited
The center table with all places filled up.
The A1200 showing demos.
Stefan "Polluks" Haubenthals Pegasos
Ingo "Skyrider" Hoppe and Timo "Tiger" Schoo
Axel Knabe surrounded by boxes with products
Guido "Geit" Mersmanns Computers
In the back we updated system parts and Sputnik. In front Axel shows the official webcam.
Adapting, modifying and screwing!
Cables loads of cables.
Willie Bosch and Geit on the left. On the right Roschmyrs Place. This time not next to the coffee, but behind the camera.
Axel setting up his products.
or not.
Oh, yes! Now!
The Pizzaliste is ready. But no delivery this weekend. :(
Jörg Dittmar creating a speaker by using a glas.
Willie and the fun side of live!
These places didn't stay empty for long.
The Speaker is up and running.
Roschmyrs System.
Axel finished opening his shop.
here they try alternate games.
The first 15 bread rolls. These won't be enough.
Workpace at Knabe Büro und Informationsservice.
Geit checks out what Kronos is doing.
Lotus, again! Thanks to the manual adjusted force feedback chair the troll was out of control and Alex a chance to win.
Ingo Schmitz puts the Efika onto the pegasos.
On to your knees!
The troll won
Ingo waiting for the OpenFirmware to show up.
The speaker in a glas.
A few younger guest came with OpenFirmware problems on their Efika.
But they were also interested in MorphOS.
Alex the sacrificial lamb.
Roschmyr is a sacrificial lamb, too
While Jörg is watching him loose.
Here is the reason. The blue troll is sacrificing the other games.
Our guest had lots of fun. Yeah! That's the reason we're here.
Ingo "Skyrider" Hoppe seems to be finished setting up his computer.
Tom "AmigaHarry" Duin seems to like the brand new Sputnik beta..
Dark Uwe and his backdrop image on his A2000.
Jörg Dittmar seems to be interested, too.
AmigaHarry is demonstrating his tool SearchStar.
Stefan Haubenthal and his dirty power plug.
heh, no one actually looks behind the display, so who cares.
Is Roschmyr learning a few tricks from the master?