Hardware Meeting 25.05.2007 - 28.05.2007 Location: Geit@Home

Yes, another hardware meeting! Amclust and Amiga Club Osnabrück are celebrating the first AmigaMeeting in 2007.

We expect many visitors and the list of people staying all three days is longer than ever. We expect around 10 Pegasos and several (!!) Efikas, which are not only running Linux. Some will be shown with MorphOS 1.5 running!

Also we will demonstrated the IRCom drivers and of course fun, talk and pizza are the most important issues we're dealing with!

This year we'll use for the first time the new meeting table. The table provides a work space for 6 people and below there is enough storage to keep 18 Systems. Exit


Here are the available videos:

Morphos 2.0 with new transpareny effects!


Click on the following images for high resolution pictures.

Everything is prepared!
Well, some things still need to be done! We need more chairs and some powerlines.
And some tables are missing.
At least the breakfast room is ready.
Axel "AKnabe" Knabe was the first on friday morning.
and he was already in the right mood.
Stefan "Kronos" Kleinheinrich (left) is programming and Jochen "Roschmyr" Rhein is spying
Ingo "Skyrider" Hoppe (left) and Ingo "analogkid" Schmitz.
ValiantVision is showing the local surveilance camera.
Computer all over the place.
Stefan "Polluks" Haubenthal (in front)
Analogkid as funny as he is.
Ingo Hoppe tries to hide.
But finaly I got him, too.
Carsten "Pegasos-Sigi" Siegner (right) and Matthijs Jansen. He was here for the first time sitting on the left.
Matthijs Jansen in full size. Stefan Kleinheinrich behind and Roschmyr on the left.
The devil at work
and the devils assistent the evil troll.
The new Efika gets alive.
Timo "tiger" Schoo sitting on my chair. (and he avoids my camera)
He did it again.
Jörg "Der letzte Amiganer" Dittmar stored his sleeping place under the stairs.
Jochen Rhein is sleeping here.
Didn't we have this picture, before.
The Efika Linux section.
Timo "Tiger" Schoo is playing Warzone.
Roschmyr is taking a photo
The people with the bih ears.
Timo Schoos Pegasos.
Stefan Haubenthals Pegasos
Pegasos-Sigi killing birds.
Pegasos-Sigis Pegasos.
Jörg Dittmers Laptop-Peg
Geits Arbeitsplatz mit dem Efika im Efikase.
Tons of cables inside the big table.
Axel Knabes Efika.
Analogkid is still smiling.
And here Analogkids Efika with working Pico-PSU. After inserting a PCI soundcard in wrong direction it blew up. Now he's no longer smiling.
Analogkids Pegasos.
Again, here you can see the IgorPlug.
Is the wheel available with USB connector?
The central switch on top of the table.
Classic Hardware is also here!
6 Efikas are on stock.
Timo "Besenbinder" Hegemanns Amithlon system
The table, ice and pizza! Mjam
Yeah, OS4 is alive!
This is a great MOS2.0 feature! A classic style boot menu!
The known boot drive setup.
PCI display in boot menu.
No longer problems with wrong view mode when changing the display.
Jörg Dittmar right before booting himself.
Axel Knabe's transparent computer case with Efika board and the small 4 port Lindy USB hub on the left.
One screen and billions of windows.
Boot menu
Again the boot menu
The boot menu in the center of interest.
He smiles! Everything but the mouse wheel works fine.
Timo "Tiger" Schoo is still playing Warzone.
The box was completely filled until Analogkid arrived. Then he had problems with his stomack and couldn't sleep.
Ralf "Mika" Tönjes' OS4 System
Jubba the Hut. No, it's Besenbinder
"I need more sweet stuff"
Chaos after breakfast
We're close to end this event!
After all guests left, two new showed up. Michael "DasMCP" Göken and Klaus "Fanne" von der Haar